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Social contribution activities

Dietary Education Seminar

Rich and Healthy Dietary Life for the Next Generation

Based on our management philosophy of “Aiming to be socially valuable and invincible corporation through creation and development of dietary culture and realize the contribution to the society”, we are working on the “Dietary Education Seminar” in order to bring rich and healthy dietary life to our customers.

As a part of our activity, we implement the “Dietary Education Seminar” to local children.  Children learn how our products are being manufactured and actually self-experience the manufacturing process so that they can feel more familiarized to our product.

Furthermore, we exhibit a stall for the “Dietary Education Seminar” during the “October Festival” held annually for residents of Kita Ward which we are one of the supporting companies.

Education seminar Education seminar

Community Contribution Activities

Donation to the Social Welfare Council

Donation to the Social Welfare Council

Every year on the anniversary of our founding in December, we donate to the Social Welfare Council in Kita Ward in Tokyo, Kuki City and Kazo City in Saitama, Hokuto City in Hokkaido, and Kure City in Hiroshima.

Kita Ward Council of Social Welfare HP http://www.kitashakyo.or.jp/

Supporting Athletes

We have commenced to support athletes from January 2015.  We welcome top athletes with an insatiable spirit of challenge as our companion, and offer them an environment in which the demands of work and sporting can be balanced so that they are able to focus in competition under secured and stable basis of their livelihood.

Sports athlete support
Fencing @ Women's Sable Marino kiTamura player

Fencing  Women's Sabre

Athlete Marino Kimura

Date of birth March 1st, 1993
Joined Date March 1st, 2018
Competition Events Fencing Woman’s Sabre
Birthplace Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Educational Background Hosei University

Main results

Year of 2014 The Winner of Individual and Team Competition of the 64th All Japan Intercollege Woman’s Sabre Fencing Tournament.
Year of 2015 The second place in Team Competition of Woman’s Sabre at U-23 Asian championship held in Mongolia.
Year of 2017 The third place in Woman’s Sabre Individual Competition of the 70th All Japan Fencing Tournament
 Fencing @ Women's Epee Haruna Baba player

Fencing  Women's Epee

Athlete Haruna Baba

Date of birth December 9st 1997
Joined Date April 1st 2020
Competition Event Fencing Woman’s Epee
Birthplace Ibi County, Gifu Prefecture
Educational Background Nippon University

Main results

Year of 2017 The third place in Woman’s Epee Team Competition of the Asian Championship
Year of 2018 The third place in Woman’s Epee Team Competition of the18th Asian Tournament
Year of 2018 The Winner of Individual Competition and the second place of the Team Competition of the All Japan Intercollege Woman’s Epee Fencing Tournament
Year of 2018 The Winner of Team Competition and the third place of the Individual Competition of the All Japan Woman’s Epee Fencing Tournament