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  3. Management Philosophy and Corporate Code of Conduct

Management Philosophy and
Corporate Code of Condact

Management Philosophy

Based on a freehearted, fair, and moderate business activities, The Natori Group of Companies shall endeavor to enhance customer satisfaction, increase shareholder returns, and realize the contribution to the society.  It is our commitment,as a socially valuable company, to aim for all the stakeholders to feel proud of establishing a relationship with the company.


Making the most of the flavor of ingredients, and free from change in temperatures during production, distribution, and sales, we provide snacks that are easily eaten, matches various eating circumstances, and makes people happy and joyful.

Corporate vision

The Natori Group of Companies shall keep on challenging and be innovative for sustainable growth and aim to be the number one company of “OTSUMAMI” i.e. snacks and confectionaries

Corporate Code of Conduct
Corporate Code of Conduct

All executive officers, officers, and employees of The Natori Group of Companies (the "Companies") must comply with the Corporate Code of Conduct set up under the Management Philosophy when conducting business. 
The "Companies" refers to Natori Co. Ltd. and all the subsidiaries and affiliates that Natori Co. Ltd. is responsible for their operations and management. 
All executive officers, officers and employees of the "Companies" must act in a socially responsible manner by complying with the Code of Conduct listed below having highest ethical standards in the conduct of their business.

1.Customer Satisfaction

Through its business activities, the "Companies" will always endeavor to offer its customers the products with the highest level of quality, and with the highest regard for safety as from “customers first” point of view and pursue mutual prosperity and satisfaction.

2.Compliance and Trust

The "Companies" will continue to develop its business activities in fairness, integrity, and compliance with all relevant laws, social standards and regulations. and internal regulations and rules.  The "Companies" will pursue to be trusted from the society.

3.Shareholder Returns

The "Companies" will not be able to continue to prosper without consideration for its “Corporate Governance”. The "Companies" will achieve sustainable development through conducting a freehearted, fair, and innovative business activities, and will pursue maximize return to the shareholders.

4.Social Contribution and the Environment

As a responsible member of society, the "Companies" will actively carry out the creation and development of food culture in an effort to promote the enrichment of society and will strive to protect and improve the environment.

5.Creation and Challenge

Through “Marketing” (responding to change in times, generations, and preferences), “Innovation” (developing new products and technologies), and “Investment” (developing new equipment and human resources), we aggressively challenge the uncharted field.

6.Respect for Human Beings and Self-Independence

Based on the philosophy of respect for human beings, we strive to pursue to be the forever onward company that sustainably grow and prosper through self-independence, voluntary efforts, and self-responsibility, while improving the social and economic status of our officers and employees.